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Lab Design & Commissioning
AuRIC will design and fully commission a turn-key facility for individuals, investment groups or mining companies.

AuRIC will manage each or all phases necessary, including:

  • Initial lab and test work
  • Concentration and milling systems
  • Extraction and recovery circuits
  • Refining circuits
  • Hiring and training of support staff
  • Complete management and quality control




Process Engineering Services
The world is full of abandoned mines and milling operations. Many still hold valuable and recoverable material but are closed because the correct technologies, at the time, did not exist or were not used to extract the precious metals. There are also many mines that are currently in operation that are not recovering a valuable percentage of their precious metals, especially the Platinum Group Metals because the current methods of extraction and recovery that are used are not correct or optimal.

The Process Engineering Services at AuRIC solve this problem. AuRIC metallurgists work closely with our engineering department to establish a series of tests on head ore obtained at the mine site. The testing process has 4 phases. It starts with laboratory assay work (1) and then moves to Laboratory Scale tests (2). The process then moves to Bench Scale Amenability tests (3) and upon review of the data and favorable conclusions, the process will culminate in Pilot Scale Recovery tests (4).

The Pilot Scale Recovery tests are usually conducted with at least one ton of head ore. AuRIC models the optimal system and gathers data that can be used by investors or mining companies to make an informed purchasing or expansion decision. All results are strictly confidential and will be released to the client at the conclusion of each phase of testing as per the terms of AuRIC's Process Engineering Contract.

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